Where’d All the Chicken Go?

7 08 2008

Well, I know this still counts as a brand-new blog, but, as you might have noticed there has been a significant drop in postage (ooh, I just made up a new use for that word!) recently and I just thought I’d throw out this little post to let you know I’m not dead or that I’ve already given up.

No, the recent lack of activity on my part is twofold:

1) When my “About the Blogger” section says that I’m a college student, what it really means is that I’m an incoming freshman, and thus have to deal with the whole move-in, register, prepare, etc. steps in order to do so. I also have to tie up some loose ends at work and with all the people around me.

2) I’ve actually been a tad bored recently with the game. I’m trying to get back into leveling my Warlock to 70 (she’s 58 currently) and am half-heartedly grinding Netherwing rep on my Shaman and not actually doing much on Sylv. Part of this is due to part (1), but I think it’s the standard temporary burn-out, whether it’s purely due to the expansion or not, I’m not sure. I am in a less awkward position than some, due to the fact that I don’t raid anymore, I don’t have to worry too much losing all my leet purplz come Q4 (Morhaime’s expected release period). But as we probably all know, with a game which requires (well, politely asks) this level of time-commitment and the standard repetitive nature of the game mechanics, it’s very easy to get burned out and lose your enthusiasm for a while.

So, fear, not! I still poke my head into the forums and read up on WoW (actually, much more so than I play these days, isn’t that sad? yes, it is rather sad…) I am just sort of twiddling my thumbs a bit until Wrath.

Then I must throw in this disclaimer: as a new college student, I can’t even guesstimate (best unreal word ever) about my time committments come… next week. So even if I get a second wind and get back into the game a bit more and posting, I can’t say what the frequency, or, ahem, quality, of it will be. But I’ll try to work something out, because I like the online Druid community as a whole and still like this game.

One thing I will hopefully follow through on is Doomkin’s (or Lucidous’) Balance-orientated guides. He’s asked me to write some sections, and, depending of course on what kind of time I can commit, I will hopefully be joining him with that.

So, thanks to everyone who has kept looking back here for something new, and I hope to have more in the near future.






2 responses

8 08 2008

“Hopefully” is as descriptive as it gets, for the task ahead isn’t a light one. Ive yet to see any guide anywhere like the one I’m proposing so alot of this material will be brought together for the first time right here on wordpress by moonchicken and I.

I invite anyone to pop on by for a chuckle or two, as we are currently veeeeery much in alpha; and I wouldn’t presume anyone to take anything on there too seriously as its just now being developed.

If any of you fine feathered folk have any ideas for this “ultimate” boomkin guide, opinions itching to be expressed, or would even like to contribute an article or two yourself please feel free to comment on the post entitled “under construction” with your two cents.
I Am Doomkin (And So Can You!) can be found at the following:


8 08 2008

Upgraded you to an editor this afternoon Sylv, write to your hearts content. 😀

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