Moonkins Can Do Everything

25 07 2008

It’s true! We can DPS, CC and Heal! But what else can we do, you so politely ask? Well, we can do pretty much everything, if VooDooRay is to be trusted.   

I just had to link to this video from WoW Insider because this video is fully made of win:

  And if you’re in the mood, check out the all-Moonkin Arena team Moonfire Cannon:









3 responses

26 07 2008
Lin [EG]

Being completely off topic here, but hullo! You made a comment on my ZA post, and I thought I’d get back to you. (Being atrociously terrible at checking my comments, I didn’t notice yours until a few moments ago.)

I’ve glanced quickly at your blog, and it seems interesting. You can be sure that I’ll be following (lightly — I’ve been following a lot of people, and the posts just bowl me over. Little time to read *everyone’s*!). Need to re-update my blog roll again soon, and maybe put out a highlight of the druid blogging community.

As a light curiosity, you mentioned you were linked to my blog from Frost Is The New Black — Do you remember exactly where?

Pleased to meet you, anyhow.

26 07 2008

so much destruction! so much shenanigans! BRILLIANT! 😀

26 07 2008

@ Doomkin…. thank you? lol


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