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23 07 2008


Phaelia's Community Spotlight

Phaelia's Community Spotlight

Well, I’ve found some great little threads poking around the Druid forums (live and Beta) and I wanted to let you in on the news. 



First, we start with a wonderful little theorycrafting of Eclipse, and the nice Beta tester went above and beyond what I attempted earlier. He goes deeper as well, trying to work out whether more than 1 point in Eclipse is worth it mathematically. It’s an interesting read if you can follow the math (and I admit I got kind of confuzzled, yes, confuzzled, there at times). But if all you want is his answer and you trust the man, well, scroll down. The thread continues with some interesting suggestions regarding Eclipse. A good read. 


Second, we have a nice analysis of Resto talents also from the Beta forums. While this is primarily a Moonkin blog, I know lots of people switch back and forth. And really, I just love our Resto brethren. I mean, they do have the only form that can dare to compete with Moonkin Form, amirite? So check this out if you’ve been out of the loop. 


Next up we have a friendly and helpful high rated Moonkin offering some Arena advice. His advice is somewhat limited because he appears to play mostly with a Rogue, at least for 2v2, and throws in a Shaman for 3v3. But his analysis and strategy is solid, and often times applicable in other situations. If you are interested in PvP at all, and especially Arenas, I suggest you take a look. I admit my experience in the Arena is miniscule and almost always PuGed, so organized strategy escapes me. Give me a 1v1 in AV any day though, and I’ll rip you apart. Okay, well, only sort of. But I’ll try!


Also on the normal forums, a Beta tester by the name of Bighealbob (gotta love it) started up a popular thread where you can get some questions and suggestions in for the Beta testers. Because the Beta forums are only available to those with Beta access, this was a great idea. And the testers are very responsive. Lissanna has been very helpful for Balance Druids, and even was kind enough to copy and paste some of my talent bloat suggestions to the Beta forums, where, I believe, the Devs probably pay more attention. If you have any burning questions, they’ve probably been answered, or at least asked. So skim it and keep an eye out. And if you don’t find your answer, ask away! It’ll likely become to unwieldy soon, but until then it’s a great resource in this early Beta confusion. 


And last, but certainly not least, if you’ve been wondering what’s going on in the Blogosphere regarding Druids, take a look at Phaelia’s community spotlight over on Resto4Life. She was even kind enough to add me, and there are some other great additions there, for all three specs. So take a look! Don’t forget to check out her blogroll too, with even more good Druid blogs. 


Post a comment if you have found any good threads or Blog articles out there for me to highlight here. 






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