Ask Moon Chicken

23 07 2008

Well, I was over at WoW Insider reading the final post regarding starting your own Warcraft blog (guess how this one got started…) and saw a commenter leave his blog address. So I moseyed on over to Warcraft Trade and lo-and-behold there was an Ask Wow Trader post up. His site is fantastic by the way. If you have an questions regarding the WoW economy, go take a look. It’s a pleasant read. 


Well, I thought I’d try and see if there was any interest for a similar thing on this site. So this is the post where I put out requests for any sort of questions you might have regarding Balance Druids or Druids in general or the Wrath Beta or even Shamans! I like to think I’m reasonable knowledgeable but if you stump me, I’ll confess as much as well. 


Well, if you’ve got any questions you can think of, please send them to or just post them in the comments here. Depending on what the interest level is (i.e. how many questions I get), I’ll post maybe every week, maybe more often. So go get me some questions that need answerin’. 


I think I’ll roll this into a Stump Moon Chicken post too. Think of a question you know the answer to (regarding Druids, please, or WoW in general; no sports please =/ ). Let me know that you’re trying to stump me and then when I post the answer to questions I do know about, I’ll also attempt to answer your question. If you win, congratulations! I obviously have no prizes to offer, but maybe it’ll add a smidgen of fun. 


So if you have any questions, just email them to or post them at the end of this post. I hope to hear from you!






2 responses

23 07 2008
WoW Trader

Hey thanks for the plug. My druid is sitting nicely at level 36 at the moment, but I’ve had her boosted since level 15, so my knowledge of the class at the moment is just pathetic, so I think my druid questions are endless…more along the lines of “whats the button to turn into cat??” lol.
When I do get round to playing my druid some more, your blog will be a lifesaver. Thanks,
WoW Trader.

26 07 2008

Dear Moon Chicken:

I am a level 40 moonkin and my DPS sucks! I was in an instance the other day and got out-DPS’d by a level 34 rogue and a level 34 enhancement shammy– granted, they had Windfury, but, you know. I was six levels higher than them!

Since then I have been wondering… am I doing something wrong, or is it just hard to do good DPS on moonkins at the lower levels? Is there some big secret I’m missing out on in terms of spell rotation/usage? I don’t want to be the “huntard” of moonkins (I am allowed to use the word “huntard” because I have a level 70 hunter and a level 63 hunter >.>) Any advice would be great!

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