Treants: Now with More Pet Bars!

22 07 2008
Now with pet bars? 


Now with pet bars?


This just in! A Beta tester mentions off-hand that Treants have pet bars! Here’s the link. Decide for yourself! Hurrah!




1) He has tried the spell in Beta and know for sure we have pet bars


2) He read somewhere that there are pet bars and makes an off-hand comment in a forum thread.


3) Well, aren’t those the only 2 real options?


Sure would be nice if it was true. 






7 responses

24 07 2008

Huzzah!! The proof, as they say, is in the picture:

Oh happy day for Boomkin and PewPewFowl alike!

24 07 2008

Ah, thank you! You know what seems to be conspicuously missing? The trees themselves… You can see the cooldown was used recently, but the trees are nowhere to be seen, at least not by me. I’ll trust it though. Bighealbob is a trustworthy man if his forum responses are anything to go by.

All I can say is, Finally!


25 07 2008

At last, a pet bar! While the treants aren’t visible in that pic, I notice that there is a unit frame for them under the druid’s own frame 🙂

26 07 2008

Good call, Bighealbob is targeting them, wherever they might be. And since the cooldown is (for now…. I think….) dropped to 2 minutes, this will up their usefulness (and our DPS) significantly. I love the buggers.

Now some fun special attacks like insta-roots would be cool on their pet bar, amirite? Actually, that just popped into my head, but it should totally happen! Come on, they’re a 41 pt talent, let’s get some more usefulness out of them.

26 07 2008

Oh, I just looked again. Magnify it and look at the giant’s feet, you can see the green pet text. They just get lost in the feet.


26 07 2008

Sweet! it even looks like they have the sense to attack from behind (which is why they’re hidden by the Giant) but the big orange 204 over his head confirms they’re in there doing their thing. 🙂

Would it be okay to link the pic on the EU forums to spread the good news?

26 07 2008

You mean from Blizzard’s standpoint or from a copyright sorta standpoint? For Blizzard, yes, it’s fine. No NDA exists anymore for Alpha or Beta content, so it’s perfect. If you are talking about permission, well, it isn’t my picture, Phaelia linked it and it’s not hers it is Bighealbob’s (who you can see all over the place on US forums). But I doubt anyone would care, I don’t really know my permission rules however. I say go for it though.

And yay for attacking from behind. I guess this means they have been switched from “guardians” to “pets” since I guess that is the difference between AI and a pet bar (like Unholy Death Knights get a talent to switch Ghouls from guardians to pets they can control).

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