Wrath Mana Regen Calculations

21 07 2008


Mmmmm.... mana!

Mmmmm.... mana!

Okay, so this is the promised post regarding all the changes to our regeneration come Wrath. An overview:



Moonkin Form now has a chance to regenerate 2% of our total mana on a Spell Critical Strike. 


Omen of Clarity now works for spells, has a 6% proc chance, and a 10 second internal cooldown.


Intensity remains the same–30% mana regeneration while casting. 


The Moonkin Form proc chance has been guessed at, the low end, 96.6%. I will assume 95% here. Yes, this will be nerfed, but it’s all I have to work with. I might put up numbers at 50% too. 


I am borrowing some math from Phaelia over at Resto4Life regarding Omen of Clarity. For this post I will do both a 3.0 average cast speed (1.00 PPM [proc per minute] for OoC) and 1.5 (1.71 PPM), simulating both Starfire and Wrath spam. OoC and Moonkin Form will actually benefit more from Wrath spam, but the high mana cost will stamp this out, I’m sure. Let’s let the numbers tell it. 


I’m using some numbers from my own toon, who is not a high-end raider, and has mixed PvE and PvP gear, but it’s what I can work with. I will again assume 30% crit (which is only 21% crit outside of Moonkin Form–5% from form, 4% for Wrath and Starfire from talents). I’ll assume 10k mana pool (will be much higher in Wrath I’m sure, but let’s start here). And 200 Mp5 while not casting. These are slightly buffed numbers from my real toon. 


Due to things like PPM and Mp5, I will simply simulate an entire minute of said spell spam. Numbers will be averages.


So, a minute of casting max rank Starfire. 20 casts at 505 mana each = 10100 mana cost. With an average of 1 PPM from Omen of Clarity, according to Phaelia, we save the mana from 1 spell cast. 


(10100-505) = 9595 mana. 


Out of those 20 spell casts, (20 x .30) = 6 will be critical strikes. Thus we will regenerate:


(6 x .95) = number of procs from Moonkin Form = 5.7; (5.7 x .02) = .114; 11.4% of Total Mana regenerated [this is where you can use your own real mana pool]. At 10k mana, that is:


(10,000 x .114) = 1140 mana saved; (9595-1140) =  8455 mana cost for 1 minute of Starfire Spam. Add in Intensity:


(200 x .30) = 60 Mp5 while casting. 12 instances of 5 second intervals in 1 minute gets us (12 x 60) = 720 mana earned back, assumed saved. Thus (8455-720) = 7735 mana cost, on average, for 1 minute of Starfire spam. Starfire review:


(10100- 7735) = 2365 mana saved total; 1140 from Moonkin Form, 505 from Omen of Clarity and 720 from Intensity. Omen of Clarity is better with NG procs. Moonkin Form is better with more Crits ad a larger mana pool. Intensity is better with more Spirit. As you can see, Moonkin Form at 95% is wonderful. Now let’s try 50%: 


(6 crits x .50) = 3 crits to proc Moonkin Form. (3 x .02) = .06; 6% of total mana regnerated. At 10k this is (10,000 x .06) = 600 mana. (1140-600) = 540 mana per minute less than at 95%. 


Now let’s do Wrath: 40 casts in 1 minute w/o NG. At 346 mana each that is:


(40 x 346) = 13,840 mana for 1 minute of Wrath Spam. At this cast speed, we get 1.71 PPM from Omen of Clarity. 


(1.71 x 346) = 592 mana saved, on average. (13,840 – 592) = 13,248 mana now. 


30% will be crits, so (40 x .30) = 12 crits. At 95% Moonkin Form proc rate, we get:


(12 x .95) = 11.4 procs. (11.4 x .02) = .228; 22.8% of total mana regenerated. At 10k mana that is (10,000 x .228 ) = 2280 mana saved. (13,248 – 2,280) = 10,968 mana cost. And we still regenerate 720 mana; (10,968 -720) = 10,248 mana cost for 1 minute of Wrath Spam. 


We save (13840 – 10,248 ) = 3,592 mana; 2280 from Moonkin Form, 592 from Omen of Clarity and 720 still from Intensity. Still 3k more mana than Starfire, but DPM and DPS desires are left up to you. Let’s do Wrath at 50% Moonkin Form proc rate. 


(12 x .50) = 6 procs. (6 x .02) = .12; 12% mana regenerated. At 10k this is (10,000 x .12) = 1,200 mana, which is (2280 – 1200) = 1080 mana less than at 95%. 


Well, those are the numbers. Yes, Nature’s Grace makes a huge difference, but for now, I’m leaving it out. Now that it benefits Wrath, it is worth putting in. I might edit this later, but I want to get this up now. As always, feedback and corrections are much appreciated. One more recap, shall we? 


SF: From all 3 talents, 2365 mana saved; 1140 from Moonkin Form, 505 from Omen of Clarity and 720 from Intensity. Total mana cost: 7,735


W: From all 3 talents, 3592 mana saved; 2280 from Moonkin Form, 592 from Omen of Clarity and 720 from Intensity. Total mana cost: 10,248. 


Now, feel free to plug in your real numbers and your speculations, it shouldn’t be too hard. But to help:


Starfire with Omen of Clarity will cost (10,100 – 505) = 9,595 mana, on average. So if C is your crit chance, M your mana pool, F the chance for Moonkin Form to proc, and P your Mp5, your cost in 1 minute is:


{ 9,595 – ([((20 x C) x F) x .02] x M) + ((P x .30) x 12))  }


For Wrath:


{ 13,248 – ([((40 x C) x F) x .02] xM) +((P x .30) x 12))  }


Or if you feel like more specific calculations, just use Phaelia’s PPM chart and your average cast time and find your cost per minute with OoC and total casts and put those in place of the first 2 numbers respectively. 


Hope this helped.




P.S. A note: these are the same, max-rank-in-Beta spell costs from the Eclipse post.


[Edit]: If you are doing your own personal calculations and are using a spell rotation, make sure to multiply your PPM from OoC by the mana cost of whatever spell you think you would cast during the Clearcast buff. Just thought I’d throw that out there.




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22 07 2008

I was really hoping a Balance theorycrafter would apply this calculation to himself/herself. I don’t know what a reasonable cast frequency is for a Moonkin, so I couldn’t do it myself. Thanks for doing so! I’ll link to this article from mine, too.

22 07 2008
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